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Airshed Management Planning in Quesnel is a process aimed at improving air quality. It is overseen by a multi-stakeholder committee and the goal is to tackle virtually all sources of air pollution from back yard residential burning to large industrial sources.

Activities under the process include:

  • additional monitoring of pollution sources;
  • identifying present air pollution problems;
  • producing an Airshed Management Plan, to identify short and long term steps for improving air quality in the community; and
  • implementing these management solutions while maintaining jobs.

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Why is Airshed Management Planning important for Quesnel?

Air quality problems affecting the physical and economic health of Quesnel are of great concern to residents, local environmental societies, health professionals, local government, the business community and industry. The Airshed Management Planning process, which was officially launched in December 1999, will address community air pollution concerns related to the health of local residents, and to the future economic development of the region.

· The Plan will address the region’s health concerns by measuring all inhalable particulates on a continuous basis, by identifying the sources of air pollutants and by reducing overall particulate levels in the community.

· On the economic development front, the reduction of air pollution will result in an improvement in the region’s air quality. This improvement is essential in order to encourage the development of value-added industry and tourism, and to promote the region to prospective employees and persons entering retirement.

Quesnel Airshed Management Plan