Baker Creek Enhancement Society

Once air quality monitoring and assessment work has identified emission sources and their relative contributions to poor air quality, the goal will be to:

  • ensure that existing commercial and industrial sources are using the best technology available to treat air emissions;
  • use Pollution Prevention Plans to systematically reduce point and non-point (diffuse) sources of industrial pollution;
  • implement dust control measures at strategic locations in the airshed;
  • institute better regulation of all types of burning; and
  • suggest innovative approaches to reducing emissions from all types of motor vehicles.

What does the Baker Creek Enhancement Society do to Help Improve Airshed Quality?

· Organize public educational events, activities and incentive programs such as Earth Day (April 22), Clean Air Day (June 4th), Commuter Challenge (early June), etc.
· Provide Air Quality Education talks and activities/games to Schools in the Quesnel area.
· Invite the public to Air Quality/Airshed health presentations at the Nature Education and Resource Centre.
· Support the Air Quality Roundtable by volunteering labour, educational resources, meeting and public presentation space.

How do I get Involved?
· Come to Air Quality public presentations.
· Support the Quesnel Airshed Management Plan by attending meetings and information sessions.
· Contact the Baker Creek Enhancement Society.
· Support, volunteer, and take part in great programs and campaigns such Anti-idling, and the Commuter Challenge.