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For more information, Please contact:

Pollution Prevention
Department of Environment Protection, Ministry of Environment

400-640 Borland Street Williams Lake, BC
V2G 4T1
Telephone: (250) 398-4530

Chair, Quesnel Air Quality Roundtable
c/o City of Quesnel
410 Kinchant Street
Quesnel, BC
V2J 7J5
Telephone: (250) 992-2111

Contact the Baker Creek Enhancement Society

Quesnel Air Quality Roundtable Membership:

Quesnel Environmental Society, Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, City of Quesnel, Cariboo Pulp and Paper Co., Quesnel River Pulp, Weldwood of Canada Ltd., Slocan Forest Products Ltd., Cariboo Community Health Services Society, Ministry of Forests, Quesnel Waste Disposal, West Fraser Mills Ltd., Argo Road Maintenance, Ministry of Transportation and Highways, North Cariboo Share, United Concrete and Gravel, North Quesnel Neighborhood Association.

A number of pamphlets are available to the public which provide information on various air pollutants and what you can do to help clean the air in your community. Please contact the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks or the Cartiboo Health Unit.