Resources and Links

The Quesnel Airshed Management Plan recently underwent an independant 5-year review.  The resulting report contains a synopsis of the air quality trends that have been observed over the last several years, information on the state of emissions in the Quesnel Airshed, a review of stakeholder engagment activities including the public education programs, and recommendations on moving forward.  Click on the link below to view the report.

QAMP Review

Smoke from burning yard waste can be a major contributor to poor air quality in your neighborhood.  Our printable brochure on What to do With Fall Leaves has information on health effects, local air quality issues, and alternatives to burning.

Backyard Burning Brochure

For information on current air quality, issues, past and upcoming forums, and more, please check out the links below:

Air Quality Health Index (current air quality)
BC Air Quality
Fraser Basin Council
Environmental Protection Program (Victoria) – air quality/climate change
Northern Health Authority
BC Lung Association
9th Annual Air Quality and Health
Washington State outdoor boiler information (good webpage for wood heat information) (specific outdoor boiler info
World Health Organization
National Air Quality Objectives
Web Cam at the Quesnel Airport
Clean Air 2009 Forum
Reporting Template
Airshed Management Plan Recommendations